Publications | Dept. of Systems Medicine, School of Medicine, Keio University - Part 2


Induction of specific neuron types by overexpression of single transcription factors.

Zscan4 is expressed specifically during late meiotic prophase in both spermatogenesis and oogenesis.

Expression analysis of the endogenous Zscan4 locus and its coding proteins in mouse ES cells and preimplantation embryos.

Zygotic Genome Activation Revisited: Looking Through the Expression and Function of Zscan4.

Generation and gene expression profiling of 48 transcription-factor-inducible mouse embryonic stem cell lines.

Emergence of undifferentiated colonies from mouse embryonic stem cells undergoing differentiation by retinoic acid treatment.

Gene array analysis of neural crest cells identifies transcription factors necessary for direct conversion of embryonic fibroblasts into neural crest cells.

Osteoprotegerin Regulates Pancreatic β-Cell Homeostasis upon Microbial Invasion.

Transient bursts of Zscan4 expression are accompanied by the rapid derepression of heterochromatin in mouse embryonic stem cells.

Correction of Down syndrome and Edwards syndrome aneuploidies in human cell cultures.